Daniel Padmos - Teaching
Westchester, New York

I have been teaching clarinet for the last seven years. In addition to giving private lessons to beginner students in Westchester, I have also worked as a teaching assistant at the New York Summer Music Festival and the Hartwick Summer Music Festival, where my students ranged from 9-18 years old. While at Michigan I worked with the Detroit Civic Orchestra, where I mentored individual performers, led sectional rehearsals and played in the orchestra.

Though my classical training is substantial, I have also invested a lot of energy in the art of free improvisation. As a former member of Izzi Ramkissoon's Electric Eel Multimedia Ensemble and of the Ann Arbor free jazz scene, I incorporated the values of quality improvisation into my playing and teaching: freedom, exploration, creation, reflection and fun are the cornerstones of my teaching philosophy.

By using a mastery-oriented approach to learning, I hope to instill in my students an appreciation for their craft as an expression of themselves, not as a medium for results. When students begin to feel empowered on their instrument, it begins to translate to all aspects of their lives. I like to think that I teach clarinet for both the mental and physical health of the student and performer.

My studies as a Physical Therapist Assistant and my AAAI/ISMA certification as a personal trainer, make me uniquely qualified to help students develop proper body mechanics that have profound effects well beyond the practice room. This knowledge, combined with my years of performance experience have, I believe, given me the tools to guide each student on his or her own musical journey, whether it be a beginner's desire for a pleasant tone or a more advanced student's quest for peak performance levels.

Rates for NYC and Westchester: E-mail or call: 914-374-1730